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You love her, you hate her, either way you know her and you have talked about her at some point, that’s right, i’m talking about Taylor Swift.  Taylor Swift had quite the 2016, having been name dropped in Kanye West’s song famous. In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard the song or seen the video i’ll drop the link below and here are the controversial lyrics:

 “For all my southside ni**as that know me best
I feel like me and taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that b*tch famous (God d*mn)
I made that b*tch famous”

Famous Video. 

Now the Scandal here was not about Kanye name dropping Taylor Swift by anymeans, because according to Kanye West and his Wife Kim Kardashian West, Taylor Swift was made aware of the lyrics before he even recorded them. However According to Taylor she knew nothing of the line.  So Kim Kardashian released the video footage of the conversation between Taylor and her husband Kanye, where she clearly gives him the green light for the name dropping song lyric. She turned it into a whole scandal, saying Kanye never told her she would be called a b*tch on the song. Taylor’s PR team quickly hopped into action with the 3 Major Function of public relations once Kim K “Exposed” her for her lies.   The first thing her PR team did was craft a tweet to  inform the public that Taylor was the victim.  The tweet is Below. Image result for taylor tweets about famous

In the same tweet they try to Persuade the public  that Taylor is the Victim and that Kanye and Kim violated her privacy by recording the conversation and posting the video. Lastly Taylor’s PR team tried to integrate the fans by trying to appeal to their emotions by bringing up the fact that Kanye West embarassed Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Awards and if you want to see that you can click here.

The internet has changed the way public relations team react because they are allowed to react much faster than they would typically be able to if they had to get Taylor Swift in front of a camera to make a genuine statement, now all they have to do is work together to craft the perfect tweet, or instagram video, or snapchat video or even go live on periscope right from the comfort of her own home. It also makes it harder to control the damage that get’s done because once something is on the internet, it’s never really gone. Taylor Swift’s career will unfortunately or fortunately depending on who you ask, always come back to those two incidents with Kanye West, no matter how hard she tries to move on from it.  If you’re interested in seeing what other media outlets had to say about the scandal, just click here for an excellent read by rolling stone.



In the year 2017, we have cars that think for us, phones that think for us, remotes that talk for us and I guarantee that at some point you saw an ad for this a thought hmmm that’s pretty cool I need that.  What a time to be alive right? A time where in between music, television we are being bombarded with advertisement after advertisement. At the moment in my opinion  cell phone companies are dominating the ad game, specifically T-mobile. T-mobile is not playing around when it comes to their commercials, everywhere you look there a T-Mobile commercial trying to use ethos, logos and pathos to reel you in.T-mobile tends to go the route of letting celebrities sell their services for them, like Kim Kardashian, Steve Harvey, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber.  Image result for justin bieber t mobile gifImage result for steve harvey t mobile gif


But even with these over-shown commercials, none are as annoying and over shown as the dreaded lemonade stand commercials shown here.  The commercial feature a girl selling lemonade and the lemonade is supposed to represent a cell phone provider the yellow lemons and red signage is supposed to represent Verizon and Sprint i’m sure. In the commercial the sign hanging says 1 dollar, but when the man comes up to purchase a cup she informs him that the price is $2.37 because of the hidden fees and taxes. The purpose of the commercial is to show Verizon and Sprint as false advertisers and T-Mobile as the more honest cell phone company. The little girl then begins reading off the list of ridiculous hidden fees shown below.

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I think the images such as the lemons and red signage, are definitely supposed to represent the opposing cell phone companies; T-Mobile is not one for subtle shots at other companies, so the colors were definitely intentional.  I think the colors red and yellow were chosen for this cellphone companies because if you own a cell phone then you know the colors for all the companies are all very different, red for Verizon, yellow for Sprint, blue for AT&T and of course pink for T-Mobile. The advertisers wants you to associate distrust and hidden fees with other cell phone companies obviously to make themselves come off more honorable. Image result for cell phone company logos

I personally don’t believe this T-mobile ad was very good considering the fact that they hardly talked about themselves until the very end and they mainly focused on the hidden fees of other companies. I would have recommended that the commercial take a more direct approach in focusing on themselves, the most memorable part of the commercial is the little girl in her red and white dress with lemons all around her; I don’t know about you but I’m remembering the Sprint and Verizon colors more than T-Mobile’s point to be honest.

Overall, you just can’t get away from ad’s they’re everywhere, and believe it or not;they are influencing us each and every day. They are obnoxious, overwhelming and catchy and without them, we probably wouldn’t own have the things we do and that just the facts. If you want to read more about cell phone company bashing and advertising click here.

Domestic Abuse and the Media

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Domestic abuse has always been around and we all know this. However domestic abuse was not always so in your face, but, because of the media and specifically social media its hard to turn a blind eye or ignore it. When you look at the football star Ray Rice’s domestic abuse case, they allowed him to continue to play with virtually no repercussions after he admitted to beating up his then girlfriend and now wife in the elevator. When there was no video the NFL was able to sweep the charges under the rug without having to punish him. When the video finally surfaced months after the incident courtesy of TMZ a gossip and celebrity news site, he was immediately suspended indefinitely from the league. What was the big deal after months? The league and the public already knew what happened why did the video make such a big difference, why was the police report not enough? The difference is the video went VIRAL everyone saw it or at least heard about it. You couldn’t spin that story and make it seem normal. This CNN article explains why the league says he was suspended but we know it was more like an attempt for the league to cover themselves, the NFL representative said many times that they were unaware of how violent the situation was. This then brought about the question:How long has the NFL been hiding its domestic abusers in plain sight?

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The media plays such a huge roll in the fate of people in society, celebrities like Ray rice are just one example and another could be the Chris Brown Domestic Violence Case, the media was hell bent on ruining his career and they made it hard for him to move on from it.Everyday more and more domestic violence cases are appearing and people are being punished because the media is bringing them to the forefront. In some ways this can be beneficial and in others not so much. All domestic violence is wrong but should a person lose their job because their private mistakes are aired out for all to see? The media has a choice everyday on what they should report and they know that with that great power comes great responsibility. To read more about domestic abuse and the media click this link right here. 

XONecole a platform for all women

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XONecole is a website/blog that caters to all women. A classier Cosmo if you will. It’s run by real women and new articles on a variety of topics appear ever week. The Owner/Founder of this Blog’s name is Necole Kane, former Gossip Queen of NecoleBitchie.com, Necole decided she wanted to do something more for women besides fueling their need for gossip and thus XONecole was born.

Image result for xonecole imagesThe blog has several easy to navigate tabs across the top labeled various things, Entertainment, Life and Inspiration, Beauty and Fashion,  Travel, and of course Love and relationships to name a few. The difference in this blogging site and many other is the fact that its written by REAL women, not paid journalists and Necole accepts articles written by new people all of the time. To comment on one of the blogs all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the article you want to comment on and click a little bubble labeled comment and WAHLA . Necole generates revenue by the ad space on her website, sites pay her to let them advertise on her site. I’m not sure how much the site is worth but its been up and running since 2015 and Necole started it with her own money

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The layout of the site is white and a beautiful blue color, its very modern and easy to navigate, XONecole doesn’t have a ton of ads so that’s pretty awesome, makes it much easier on the eyes than other sites. The site if very popular among women of all ages, you can tell by the comments under the various blog posts. Overall I believe the site is amazing and very uplifting and has an article for everyone. The posts are easily relatable like the two listed above. If you want to hear more of Necole’s story and how she got XONecole up and running for women like you and me Click This Link Here.

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The Quad Movie: HBCU Experience

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The Quad is a scripted television series that airs on BET  and is supposed to be an authentic glimpse into the college life at an HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities). The pilot episode originally aired as a “movie” it was 90 minutes.  The series follows the Dean a black woman Dr Eva Fletcher, the first woman Dean at the fictional college at Georgia A&M, her daughter Sydney Fletcher, Cedric Hobbs an aspiring rapper who is just in college to stay out of trouble and keep his head down, BoJohn Folsom one of the few white people attending this HBCU on a football scholarship, Noni Williams the only freshman to make it onto the HBCU’s acclaimed marching band, Madison Kelly the first friend that Sydney Fletcher made and another white student, and finally Cecil Diamond the problematic Band director who is shown to constantly antagonize the Dean Dr.Eva Fletcher. Click here if you want an in depth look at the first episode.

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Image result for the quad pictures BET

Here I am going to slightly pick apart the show as far as accuracy for an HBCU experience and the overall entertainment factor. In the Quad the band is glorified more than the football team which is something very common in the south as well as at HBCU’s.  As far as accuracy goes that’s spot on. The other thing that is accurate in life as well as at HBCU’s  is the lack of African American Women in power and the struggles they endure in order to stay in power. The show tackles hazing in a college atmosphere and environment which is something that is often glorified in televisions shows but here it is not tolerated after a student in the band is sent to the hospital after a very violent hazing ritual. Along with hazing the issues of under age drinking paired with social media are addressed when pictures of Sydney Fletcher are posted online drunk and half naked, bullying on the football team poses an issue as well for BoJohn who is one of 3 white players on the football but he is the only one bullied because he is new. The show does an excellent job at tackling issues in the college communities over all but it being zeroed in on often glorified HBCU’s make the show very relatable to college students who are currently attending or have attended and HBCU.

Overall in my opinion the show is definitely worth the watch, especially if you have very little knowledge of the HBCU experience and if you’re into shows that are full of drama and dynamic characters. To watch episodes click here! and to Read about HBCU’s and make your own comparisons click here!

Cosmopolitan Magazine Selling Women Dreams since the 1960’s

Cosmopolitan magazine prides itself on being a magazine for a women by women. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. Women should spend time uplifting each other and making each other better however cosmopolitan prides itself much like the beauty industry by telling women in order to succeed in love, sex, friendships and life over all  they have to read this magazine or buy this product.  Cosmopolitan magazine commonly known as Cosmo magazine has been selling women dreams and sex for almost as  long as its been around. It’s crass, classless headlines draw its readers in every single time. Not to mention putting some of the teen sensations and role models for young girls in skimpy clothing with headlines that read “HIS BEST SEX EVER”.  Now I don’t know about you but I would hate to see my little sister, niece or my daughter fawning after these unrealistic body imagine goals that Cosmopolitan promotes as well as its various sex goals and tips right on the cover. Even grown women are prone to feeling inadequate after reading some of these articles and seeing this women dressed according to  Victoria Hearst one woman advocating to have Cosmo  pulled from the shelves and even goes as far as to say it’s covers rival Playboy Magazine in this article.  Below is just one controversial magazine cover from Cosmo with 17 year old actress Dakota Fanning looking stunning on a cover embedded with several sexually explicit headlines.

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Aside from its controversial cover the substance of cosmopolitan magazine is hardly as intellectually stimulating as its competitors such as Vogue and Glamour. The primary focus of Cosmo is sex tips and tricks, beauty tips and tricks, how to get the guy articles  and of course the interview with whoever is on the cover. Below are a few articles pulled directly from the magazine.

Image result for articles in cosmopolitan magazinesImage result for articles in cosmopolitan magazinesImage result for articles in cosmopolitan magazines

Now if sex tips, oversexualized women, unrealistic body goals, and 10 ways to get him to ask you out for coffee is your cup of tea then Cosmo is for you. However as someone who likes a  lot more substance and a lot less self help and sex tips I’d make a a hard pass on Cosmopolitan. If you want to learn about all the over evils of Cosmo here are some more articles to check out.

Cosmo’s False Promises

Cosmo Selling Women Short 

Power Posing: Increase Your Confidence!

Power Posing by definition is the theory that adjusting your body in certain ways can have a huge effect on your confidence levels. Then that poses (No pun intended) the question, Can you change the way you feel by adjusting your body language? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  How can one feel powerful and in charge if they are shriveled up behind their desks? Power posing is about taking up as much space as possible be it in a board room, class room, job interview or even at a chance meeting with your boss at the water cooler. Power posing is used by people all over the world from our Presidents, to CEO’s and even celebrities. Business executives use power posing very often, they don’t use power posing to be intimidating although to someone who is used to low power posing (hunching over/ leaning on desks) it may seem quiet intimidating to speak to someone with their feet up on the desk and leaned back in the chair.Image result for obama feet up Leaders use power posing to assert their dominance and not necessarily over you but more like to command control of the room. Although Power poses such as the Usain Bolt power point Image result for usain bolt wonmay be a little awkward at the water cooler with your boss, it can most certainly help to do this pose in the mirror before an interview just to help lift your confidence level. According to a study conducted by Amy Cuddy, high power posing increases your testosterone by 8% while  low power posing decreases your testosterone by 10%. YIKES! You can check that data out here.  Amy’s finding are very important to people in the mass media field. Imagine turning on the News and seeing the reporter hunched over her desk or reporting the news with her arms crossed. Doesn’t that just scream lack of confidence as well as lack of interest. Or think about watching  the late great Steve Jobs, imagine him pitching the Iphone to room of people while holding his neck or sitting scrunched up behind a desk. Power posing is absolutely vital for people in the Media field right on down to the journalist interviewing someone for an article.  My newfound knowledge of power posing will definitely help me to prepare for interviews, I’m going to make it a point to check my body language before and during my interview and I encourage everyone to do the same! Sit up a bit straighter in that chair, prop your feet up on that desk (Make sure its your desk and not your bosses) and strike that Usain Bolt Power Point in front of the mirror before going in to nail that interview! If you want to know more about Power posing and its benefits or the alleged lack there of check out these two links here and here.