Power Posing: Increase Your Confidence!

Power Posing by definition is the theory that adjusting your body in certain ways can have a huge effect on your confidence levels. Then that poses (No pun intended) the question, Can you change the way you feel by adjusting your body language? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  How can one feel powerful and in charge if they are shriveled up behind their desks? Power posing is about taking up as much space as possible be it in a board room, class room, job interview or even at a chance meeting with your boss at the water cooler. Power posing is used by people all over the world from our Presidents, to CEO’s and even celebrities. Business executives use power posing very often, they don’t use power posing to be intimidating although to someone who is used to low power posing (hunching over/ leaning on desks) it may seem quiet intimidating to speak to someone with their feet up on the desk and leaned back in the chair.Image result for obama feet up Leaders use power posing to assert their dominance and not necessarily over you but more like to command control of the room. Although Power poses such as the Usain Bolt power point Image result for usain bolt wonmay be a little awkward at the water cooler with your boss, it can most certainly help to do this pose in the mirror before an interview just to help lift your confidence level. According to a study conducted by Amy Cuddy, high power posing increases your testosterone by 8% while  low power posing decreases your testosterone by 10%. YIKES! You can check that data out here.  Amy’s finding are very important to people in the mass media field. Imagine turning on the News and seeing the reporter hunched over her desk or reporting the news with her arms crossed. Doesn’t that just scream lack of confidence as well as lack of interest. Or think about watching  the late great Steve Jobs, imagine him pitching the Iphone to room of people while holding his neck or sitting scrunched up behind a desk. Power posing is absolutely vital for people in the Media field right on down to the journalist interviewing someone for an article.  My newfound knowledge of power posing will definitely help me to prepare for interviews, I’m going to make it a point to check my body language before and during my interview and I encourage everyone to do the same! Sit up a bit straighter in that chair, prop your feet up on that desk (Make sure its your desk and not your bosses) and strike that Usain Bolt Power Point in front of the mirror before going in to nail that interview! If you want to know more about Power posing and its benefits or the alleged lack there of check out these two links here and here.


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