Cosmopolitan Magazine Selling Women Dreams since the 1960’s

Cosmopolitan magazine prides itself on being a magazine for a women by women. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. Women should spend time uplifting each other and making each other better however cosmopolitan prides itself much like the beauty industry by telling women in order to succeed in love, sex, friendships and life over all  they have to read this magazine or buy this product.  Cosmopolitan magazine commonly known as Cosmo magazine has been selling women dreams and sex for almost as  long as its been around. It’s crass, classless headlines draw its readers in every single time. Not to mention putting some of the teen sensations and role models for young girls in skimpy clothing with headlines that read “HIS BEST SEX EVER”.  Now I don’t know about you but I would hate to see my little sister, niece or my daughter fawning after these unrealistic body imagine goals that Cosmopolitan promotes as well as its various sex goals and tips right on the cover. Even grown women are prone to feeling inadequate after reading some of these articles and seeing this women dressed according to  Victoria Hearst one woman advocating to have Cosmo  pulled from the shelves and even goes as far as to say it’s covers rival Playboy Magazine in this article.  Below is just one controversial magazine cover from Cosmo with 17 year old actress Dakota Fanning looking stunning on a cover embedded with several sexually explicit headlines.

Image result for Dakota fanning cosmo

Aside from its controversial cover the substance of cosmopolitan magazine is hardly as intellectually stimulating as its competitors such as Vogue and Glamour. The primary focus of Cosmo is sex tips and tricks, beauty tips and tricks, how to get the guy articles  and of course the interview with whoever is on the cover. Below are a few articles pulled directly from the magazine.

Image result for articles in cosmopolitan magazinesImage result for articles in cosmopolitan magazinesImage result for articles in cosmopolitan magazines

Now if sex tips, oversexualized women, unrealistic body goals, and 10 ways to get him to ask you out for coffee is your cup of tea then Cosmo is for you. However as someone who likes a  lot more substance and a lot less self help and sex tips I’d make a a hard pass on Cosmopolitan. If you want to learn about all the over evils of Cosmo here are some more articles to check out.

Cosmo’s False Promises

Cosmo Selling Women Short 


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