The Quad Movie: HBCU Experience

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The Quad is a scripted television series that airs on BET  and is supposed to be an authentic glimpse into the college life at an HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities). The pilot episode originally aired as a “movie” it was 90 minutes.  The series follows the Dean a black woman Dr Eva Fletcher, the first woman Dean at the fictional college at Georgia A&M, her daughter Sydney Fletcher, Cedric Hobbs an aspiring rapper who is just in college to stay out of trouble and keep his head down, BoJohn Folsom one of the few white people attending this HBCU on a football scholarship, Noni Williams the only freshman to make it onto the HBCU’s acclaimed marching band, Madison Kelly the first friend that Sydney Fletcher made and another white student, and finally Cecil Diamond the problematic Band director who is shown to constantly antagonize the Dean Dr.Eva Fletcher. Click here if you want an in depth look at the first episode.

Image result for the quad pictures BET

Image result for the quad pictures BET

Here I am going to slightly pick apart the show as far as accuracy for an HBCU experience and the overall entertainment factor. In the Quad the band is glorified more than the football team which is something very common in the south as well as at HBCU’s.  As far as accuracy goes that’s spot on. The other thing that is accurate in life as well as at HBCU’s  is the lack of African American Women in power and the struggles they endure in order to stay in power. The show tackles hazing in a college atmosphere and environment which is something that is often glorified in televisions shows but here it is not tolerated after a student in the band is sent to the hospital after a very violent hazing ritual. Along with hazing the issues of under age drinking paired with social media are addressed when pictures of Sydney Fletcher are posted online drunk and half naked, bullying on the football team poses an issue as well for BoJohn who is one of 3 white players on the football but he is the only one bullied because he is new. The show does an excellent job at tackling issues in the college communities over all but it being zeroed in on often glorified HBCU’s make the show very relatable to college students who are currently attending or have attended and HBCU.

Overall in my opinion the show is definitely worth the watch, especially if you have very little knowledge of the HBCU experience and if you’re into shows that are full of drama and dynamic characters. To watch episodes click here! and to Read about HBCU’s and make your own comparisons click here!


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