XONecole a platform for all women

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XONecole is a website/blog that caters to all women. A classier Cosmo if you will. It’s run by real women and new articles on a variety of topics appear ever week. The Owner/Founder of this Blog’s name is Necole Kane, former Gossip Queen of NecoleBitchie.com, Necole decided she wanted to do something more for women besides fueling their need for gossip and thus XONecole was born.

Image result for xonecole imagesThe blog has several easy to navigate tabs across the top labeled various things, Entertainment, Life and Inspiration, Beauty and Fashion,  Travel, and of course Love and relationships to name a few. The difference in this blogging site and many other is the fact that its written by REAL women, not paid journalists and Necole accepts articles written by new people all of the time. To comment on one of the blogs all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the article you want to comment on and click a little bubble labeled comment and WAHLA . Necole generates revenue by the ad space on her website, sites pay her to let them advertise on her site. I’m not sure how much the site is worth but its been up and running since 2015 and Necole started it with her own money

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The layout of the site is white and a beautiful blue color, its very modern and easy to navigate, XONecole doesn’t have a ton of ads so that’s pretty awesome, makes it much easier on the eyes than other sites. The site if very popular among women of all ages, you can tell by the comments under the various blog posts. Overall I believe the site is amazing and very uplifting and has an article for everyone. The posts are easily relatable like the two listed above. If you want to hear more of Necole’s story and how she got XONecole up and running for women like you and me Click This Link Here.

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