Domestic Abuse and the Media

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Domestic abuse has always been around and we all know this. However domestic abuse was not always so in your face, but, because of the media and specifically social media its hard to turn a blind eye or ignore it. When you look at the football star Ray Rice’s domestic abuse case, they allowed him to continue to play with virtually no repercussions after he admitted to beating up his then girlfriend and now wife in the elevator. When there was no video the NFL was able to sweep the charges under the rug without having to punish him. When the video finally surfaced months after the incident courtesy of TMZ a gossip and celebrity news site, he was immediately suspended indefinitely from the league. What was the big deal after months? The league and the public already knew what happened why did the video make such a big difference, why was the police report not enough? The difference is the video went VIRAL everyone saw it or at least heard about it. You couldn’t spin that story and make it seem normal. This CNN article explains why the league says he was suspended but we know it was more like an attempt for the league to cover themselves, the NFL representative said many times that they were unaware of how violent the situation was. This then brought about the question:How long has the NFL been hiding its domestic abusers in plain sight?

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The media plays such a huge roll in the fate of people in society, celebrities like Ray rice are just one example and another could be the Chris Brown Domestic Violence Case, the media was hell bent on ruining his career and they made it hard for him to move on from it.Everyday more and more domestic violence cases are appearing and people are being punished because the media is bringing them to the forefront. In some ways this can be beneficial and in others not so much. All domestic violence is wrong but should a person lose their job because their private mistakes are aired out for all to see? The media has a choice everyday on what they should report and they know that with that great power comes great responsibility. To read more about domestic abuse and the media click this link right here. 


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