In the year 2017, we have cars that think for us, phones that think for us, remotes that talk for us and I guarantee that at some point you saw an ad for this a thought hmmm that’s pretty cool I need that.  What a time to be alive right? A time where in between music, television we are being bombarded with advertisement after advertisement. At the moment in my opinion  cell phone companies are dominating the ad game, specifically T-mobile. T-mobile is not playing around when it comes to their commercials, everywhere you look there a T-Mobile commercial trying to use ethos, logos and pathos to reel you in.T-mobile tends to go the route of letting celebrities sell their services for them, like Kim Kardashian, Steve Harvey, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber.  Image result for justin bieber t mobile gifImage result for steve harvey t mobile gif


But even with these over-shown commercials, none are as annoying and over shown as the dreaded lemonade stand commercials shown here.  The commercial feature a girl selling lemonade and the lemonade is supposed to represent a cell phone provider the yellow lemons and red signage is supposed to represent Verizon and Sprint i’m sure. In the commercial the sign hanging says 1 dollar, but when the man comes up to purchase a cup she informs him that the price is $2.37 because of the hidden fees and taxes. The purpose of the commercial is to show Verizon and Sprint as false advertisers and T-Mobile as the more honest cell phone company. The little girl then begins reading off the list of ridiculous hidden fees shown below.

Image result for t mobile lemonade


I think the images such as the lemons and red signage, are definitely supposed to represent the opposing cell phone companies; T-Mobile is not one for subtle shots at other companies, so the colors were definitely intentional.  I think the colors red and yellow were chosen for this cellphone companies because if you own a cell phone then you know the colors for all the companies are all very different, red for Verizon, yellow for Sprint, blue for AT&T and of course pink for T-Mobile. The advertisers wants you to associate distrust and hidden fees with other cell phone companies obviously to make themselves come off more honorable. Image result for cell phone company logos

I personally don’t believe this T-mobile ad was very good considering the fact that they hardly talked about themselves until the very end and they mainly focused on the hidden fees of other companies. I would have recommended that the commercial take a more direct approach in focusing on themselves, the most memorable part of the commercial is the little girl in her red and white dress with lemons all around her; I don’t know about you but I’m remembering the Sprint and Verizon colors more than T-Mobile’s point to be honest.

Overall, you just can’t get away from ad’s they’re everywhere, and believe it or not;they are influencing us each and every day. They are obnoxious, overwhelming and catchy and without them, we probably wouldn’t own have the things we do and that just the facts. If you want to read more about cell phone company bashing and advertising click here.


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