So Basically I Was Catfishing.

But it was the 90’s who wasn’t? lol .

I absolutely think that this particular post is going to show my age more than I would like haha.  I do not remember what exactly it was that I did when we first got the internet in our home, however, I do remember that any and everything online took forever. The awful dial up noise, the waiting forever, the terrible pixels and God forbid someone were to pick up the phone. [Insert face palm here] Honestly I think the first thing I did was sign up for an AOL chat room so I could talk to all my friends with ridiculous acronyms like TBIHACO (The boy i have a crush on and DUDTAS (don’t u dare tell a soul) . It’s  awful and embarrassing mostly because if you grew up in the post dial up era you can’t relate to the ridiculous wait times  and the chat room conversations with longer acronyms than the actual sentence. Do you even know what an AOL chat room was like mid 90’s? hold on i’ll show you. Image result for aol chat room 90s TADA! this is my earliest memory of the internet. Logging on to chat rooms with my friends and pretending to be someone else how exhilarating right? [Insert dramatic eye roll]  It was the beginning of Catfishing, thankfully this was before the God-Awful show. I could spend hours in here talking about any and everything with people all over the “World”. Anyways if you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about here some of the writers over at E online give a pretty good idea of what the 90’s on the internet was like so you should definitely check that out. click me!  And if you are at all curious as to where all these chats went and why they are no more click me! Well I guess that’s it for my “first internet experience” hope you guys enjoyed!

–Knina ❤